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At NaChé, our goal is simple - to provide you with a better-feeling beauty experience, starting with your lips. We believe that beauty is more than just skin deep, it's about feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. That's why we've created products that not only enhance your natural beauty but also feel amazing to wear. From the lips out, we want you to feel your best, so you can go out into the world and do your best.


NaChé was founded with a deep understanding of how the beauty industry tends to overlook dark-skinned beauties. We know how frustrating it can be to search high and low for makeup that truly complements your skin, which is why we set out to give you what you've been asking for. Our reliable, beautiful products are made specifically for you because we get it, we've been there, and we've got you.

Our goal is simple - to make products that look great on you. We took our time to create thoughtful, quality lipsticks that are effortless to wear and come in colors that especially complement your beautiful skin. We want it to be easy for you to find your perfect shade and feel great every time you wear it, because that's what you deserve. At NaChé, we're here to support and empower you.


Transitioning from my career in education, I stumbled upon the inspiration for NaChé Cosmetics during a frustrating makeup hunt before an important interview. I've seen firsthand how the beauty industry often overlooks dark skin tones, and as a dark-skinned Black woman, I've personally felt the sting of this exclusion.

The struggle to find makeup that truly fit my complexion led me to create a makeup brand specifically for dark-skinned beauties. NaChé Cosmetics is my way of breaking down barriers and making sure everyone feels included by the beauty industry.

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